OphthalmologyNurses Network
The ONN is an initiative, supported by VISUfarma, created with the aim to establish and support a network of aspiring Ophthalmology Nurses who will passionately deliver the nurse led services in a future NHS. Beyond supporting knowledge, skills & expertise development, this initiative will provide networking opportunities for individuals across the UK and the opportunity to develop skills and contribute to fulfilling the individual CPD plans of ophthalmic nurses.
Who are the faculty?
The ONN faculty members are a group of experienced individuals across the spectrum of academic and clinical nursing, along with VISUfarma representation, who lead on the network vision and strategy. Their role is to devise educational programs and events to support the development of ophthalmology nurses at all levels, including Health Care Assistants, wishing to expand their expertise and progress their careers within ophthalmology.
What does the ONN do?
The ONN devises and delivers a variety of events aligned to the OCCCF curriculum in line with its commitment to education and support for ophthalmology nursing. Beyond educational themes the ONN provides a central hub for networking and bringing together ophthalmology nurses from across the UK. The Faculty, with the support of the regional representatives, passionately believes in the fundamentally important role nurses play in the delivery of high quality care to patients with conditions of the eye and will strive to support nurses at all levels in their careers.

Katie Pedwell Chair,

Penelope Stanford Academic Representative, Regions Co-Ordinator,

Juliat Burns Clinical Representative,

Yvette Revell-Smith Clinical Representative,

Mark Davies Academic Representative,

Nicola Dunlop Clinical Representative.

The faculty are also supported by five regional representatives who work to collate feedback from peers on desired programs, represent regional views to the Faculty and coordinate localised programs.

Regional Representatives

Janice Bailie: North of England

Lisette Bijma: South & West of England

Ann McConnell: Northern Ireland

Jodie Batchelor: Wales

Valentina Cernica:  East of England

What is the role of VISUfarma?
The ONN is supported by VISUfarma in terms of faculty membership, administrational support and funding. VISUfarma recognises the future importance of nurses in delivering the ophthalmology services of the future and seeks to earn a reputation as partner of choice in supporting nurses working in ophthalmology. VISUfarma does not see the Ophthalmology Nurse Network as an overt promotional platform but as a vehicle for building trust and relationships across ophthalmology nursing with the overall aim of enhancing patient care.